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Free Shipping Notice

Free Shipping through end of 2023

Free International Shipping promo for our first time ever

We’re kicking off great new international shipping rates by offering free Fedex® International Connect Plus shipping on international orders $69 and over through Sunday Apr 16th

Connect Plus is a great way to get toys long distances if you can wait an extra day or two.  We’ll still have the Fedex® International Priority option with 1-2 day delivery to most Canadian and European destinations, Connect Plus is a 2-4 day delivery worldwide.

If you’re in one of our more remote destinations like Australia, you’ll be happy to see a significant savings in the Priority rates we can offer as well.

What’s in store the rest of 2021


  • As in years past, Free FedEx® Ground Shipping to US destinations will begin the week of Thanksgiving and run to the end of the year, Alaska and Hawaii included.
  • We continue to ship virtually every order same day if received by 11am Eastern. With only US manufacturing and supply chains, we haven’t experienced the pandemic shortages others have.
  • There are no shipping delivery guarantees these days as all the carriers are understaffed and overwhelmed with record package volumes, so anticipate delays in transit and plan your purchases accordingly.
  • The 25th is on a Saturday this year and we have decided to take Dec 23rd and 24th off. Shipping will resume on December the 27th. If you need something in time for the 25th you must have your order in by cutoff 11am Eastern on Dec 20th this year.
  • Also, Canadian Currency is still given equal value on the SquarePegToys® website, we do this via a Currency Adjustment which reduces the US amount to where it will approximate the original US amount when it hits your statement after the exchange rate. Thank you to all my Canadian fans!  More on my site here


Caveat Emptor

When you’re looking for SquarePegToys® online, keep in mind we have never sold on Amazon or sites like that, only through select retailers. As an established, quality brand there are multitudes of counterfeit toys out there trying to look like a SquarePegToys® or make you think it’s made from the same material, but they aren’t, so buyer beware.  Most of these ship directly from China and are impossibly cheap to be true 100% Platinum cured silicone.  Read more about why that is here in my FAQ

This isn’t happening to just my brand, but most of the work by brands you have come to love over the years are simply being knocked off overseas.


New Stuff

  • Due to popular request, we’re planning to do some special color runs to make any toy in the newer colors Pink Sugar and Ultra Violet. This will be limited to just a few weeks so be sure you’re subscribed to the newsletter or follow on Twitter or Instagram to know when this is happening.
  • There are some new toys to in the pipeline near release and a few should be ready before year’s end so stay tuned for those.  Next up will be 2 bigger Monster Egg plugs, yes, two sizes 🙂
G7 ban on silicon

Another reason to avoid silicone toys made in China

In June 2021, the G7 banned all products containing silicon from a large producer that was found to be using forced labor to extract the mineral. Silicon is what silicone polymer is made from.  It is naturally difficult to image some of this cheaply minded silicon didn’t end up in the flood of silicone toys coming out of that country or at least had an effect on the cost of other mined silica there, creating an unfair advantage over US manufacturers.  You can view the full notice on the US customs and border control’s website.

2021 SquarePegToys Challenge

Hey SquarePeggers,

It’s time for a Second Annual SquarePegToys® Challenge. Originally created as a fun distraction during the lockdowns last April we quickly found it was a great way to build community in our little corner of the fetish world, and to give out some free toys too! This is a contest held entirely on Twitter.

Document your hole control skills by making a video of you shooting a SquarePeg toy out of your hole.

2 winners will be chosen each week based on one of the following criteria:

Overall Creativity, Distance, or Height.

To demonstrate distance or height, be sure to include something in your shot that can be used as reference.

Have fun with this and be safe! If you didn’t win one week you can retry again the next week with a new video.


Details and Rules:

  • Use one of our genuine SquarePegToys®
  • Be following @SquarePegToys on Twitter, and tag your video posting with #SquarePegToysChallenge  entries submitted by DM or from last year’s challenge do not qualify.
  • Must be at least 18 years old. Your participation is your acknowledgement that you are of legal age and will only play within your own known safety limits.
  • Open to the U.S.A. and all international locations we currently ship to.
  • Winners will be determined for each week beginning April 19th and running through May 9th, 2021, and be notified by retweet and DM via Twitter.
  • Prize is a $300 credit on the SquarePegToys® website good for 30 days, no cash value, unused balance of credit will be considered forfeit after that.

Major Disruption in Package Delivery

As many of you are experiencing, the winter storms that ravaged the country beginning the week of February 11th are having a lasting effect on the movement of packages.  Many of your orders that shipped from Feb 12th and onward are stuck in a nationwide backlog.

FedEx hubs were completely shut down for days, creating backlogs everywhere.  Now that the weather has cleared, hands are needed to get packages through the system and at many hubs the crew were stuck at home for many more days either due to snow/ice in areas without snow clearing equipment or without power.

These past two weeks have been an unprecedented one, so we ask for your patience while the nationwide log jam slowly begins to break and packages can flow again!

Orders to the UK

As a part of Brexit, effective January 1, 2021 the UK government has transferred the responsibility for collecting UK VAT from themselves onto the shipper for any orders originating outside the UK that are valued under £135.  SquarePeg will not be participating in VAT collection and filing at this time and ask that you source your smaller items directly from the UK retailers Regulation London and UberKinky.  On orders valued over £135, collection will still be handled by UK as they always have been, and as such we will continue to ship orders $197US and over.

Free Shipping through 2020

Just makes all our lives a little easier after a wild year.  The Free Shipping offer extends to Hawaii and Alaska too!

Select the free ground shipping option at checkout.  The 2day Air option is not free, but we reserve the right to upgrade any order to 2day air if FedEx® quotes us a good price for it!

Additionally, SquarePegToys® cares for you in a few very unique ways:

Look at the Shop@Home™ service if you want to compare or look at some toys before committing to purchase. This is an add-on fee and there are some restrictions, full rules of the program are here

Canadians can shop as if the exchange rate was one-to-one.  All prices are still in US dollars but you get an adjustment applied at checkout that takes off about what you would lose in exchange.  More about it here

Say hello to Steve

Latest in the Realistic range.  Girthy, with a strong curve for intense g-spot and prostate play.  In both full anatomical and harness based versions.


The Slim

Read about the origins of this very specific type of toy in the FAQs here.