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Welcome to the Shop@Home™ toy review program, a new concept in silicone toy shopping brought to you by, who else, SquarePegToys®. Where outside the box thinking is in our blood.

What is it in a Nutshell?

  1. During checkout, add the Shop@Home™ add-on to each qualifying toy you wish to review.  This pays for the special packaging required and discounted return shipping. This is the only portion of your order that is not refundable.
  2. Select toys you’d like to take a review from those items listed here, right now only these items are included in the program. You can choose up to two at this time.
  3. At checkout select the outgoing shipping option as you would any other order. All return shipping is via FedEx Ground. All items are billed in full at time of shipment.
  4. Program currently available in the lower 48 States. Limit of 2 toys for review at a time please.

The Details and Rules

It’s not always easy to buy silicone toys online, especially if you’re just getting into them. Insertable toys are always non-returnable due to U.S. health regulations.

But now, by packing your silicone toys in tamper evident security bags, that hurdle to your personal fulfillment has been overcome. Simply shop within the Shop@Home™ program to enjoy the benefits of selecting silicone toys, with the firmness and size that’s right for you.  And you can combine Shop@Home™ items with regular purchases too! Just be aware that only those toys with the Shop@Home™ added will come in the returnable bags.

Once your toys arrive, keep them in their tamper evident security bags. You have three days from the delivery scan to review your selections through the security bag to feel, squeeze and compare them. If you like one, just open the security bag and you’ve bought it! If not, simply return the toys you are not interested in by leaving them in their original tamper evident security bags.

Shop@Home™  It’s as easy as 1-2-3

  1. Make up to 2 selections by selecting the style you want and then adding the Shop@Home™ add-on to it.
    • Toys are individually bagged for easy return of the ones you don’t want.
    • The program cost of Shop@Home™, which includes return shipping cost, is itself not refundable.
  2. Upon receiving the toys you have three days from the delivery scan to review your selections through the security bags and drop off your returns at a certified FedEx facility.
    • Simply keep all the original packing materials, plain cardboard shipping box and FedEx return label.
    • Just place back in the original shipping box with packing materials what toys you don’t want in their unopened, untampered with security bags, affix the return label on the outside of the box and drop it off at a certified FedEx location for delivery back to us. You must use the return label provided! Without the FedEx return label we can’t track your return and refund you promptly.
  3. After the toys arrive back, a refund gets issued to your credit card once we determine the condition of the security bags.
    • Be aware that refunds often take 48 hours to appear on your statement.
    • Only the retail price of the toys is refundable.

Signs of tampering on the security bags that will disqualify a toy refund

  • “Void” lettering on security bag seal is present
  • Puncture hole of any size
  • Cutting / taping / resealing of security bag
  • Dirty / smelly or worn security bag as evidence of use (tamper evident security bags are not to be used as condoms)

We reserve the right to bar anyone from participating in the Shop@Home™program.

Currently limited to 2 returnable items at a time for shipping in the lower 48 states via FedEx Ground only.  New items will be added based on demand and special requests.