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Hey SquarePeggers,

As we all stay at home practicing physical distancing I’ve got a challenge for you to help pass the time and maybe win you some free toys in the process!

Document your hole control skills by making a video of you shooting a SquarePeg Toy out of your hole.

One winner in each category will be chosen weekly:

1. Distance
2. Height
3. Overall Creativity

Use a common object or point of reference easily recognized by all to demonstrate height or distance.

Have fun with this and be safe!  If you didn’t win one week you can retry again the next week with a new video.  And once you’ve won in a category you can only compete in the remaining categories.

Details and Rules:

  • Use one of our SquarePegToys®
  • Be following @SquarePegToys on Twitter, and tag your video posting with #SquarePegToysChallenge  entries submitted by DM do not qualify.
  • Must be 18+, your participation is your acknowledgement that you are of legal age.
  • Open to the U.S.A. and all international locations we currently ship to.
  • Winners will be determined each week through May 15, 2020,  and notified by retweet and DM via Twitter.
  • Prize is a $300 credit on the SquarePegToys® website good for 7 days, no cash value, unused balance of credit will be considered forfeit after one week from being notified.

Holiday shipping offer, and what distinguishes us from all the others

SquarePegToys® is a unique force in the toy industry.    Scott has always believed in treating you the way he would want to be treated and has built his business around one that remains unique in the industry.  With a best price everyday philosophy and strong focus on quality and service we can get you the toys you want, when you want them, so you don’t wait, and you don’t overpay because you missed a sale.

We value your business and so have invested heavily in inventory so that we can ship 99% of orders the same day if placed by 11am Eastern / 8am Pacific.

And even if your order is delayed a day, we will most always upgrade the shipping to still meet the delivery day you were quoted. Ask around, I think you’ll find a lot of happy SquarePeggers™ out there.



For the Holidays this year, here’s what you can expect:

Free FedEx® shipping on all orders placed until the end of the year
that ship within the 50 United States.

Get your order in by 3pm Eastern / 12pm Pacific* Friday Dec 20th
and we’ll take care of getting it to you by the 24th.

Yes, that means for any orders placed up to the deadline on the 20th!
Shipping will be authorized to upgrade all toy orders to arrive by Dec 24th



International Fans:  Shipping rates are even lower now, use the cart to get an easy rate quote before placing an order. Plus Canadians can take advantage of my “currency adjustment” which effectively removes the exchange rate.

Current Countries we are able to ship to are:

Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.


*Normal daily cutoff for same day shipping remains 11am Eastern / 8am Pacific

SquarePegToys® efface les différences de prix pour ses fans du Canada.

Mis à jour le 16 Sept, 2019

Le montant que vous voyez est à peu près le prix en dollars Canadiens que vous payez*.

Il n’y a déjà pas de frais d’impôt sur nos produits avec le NAFTA, et maintenant on vous récompense le TPS en plus! (la taxe provinciale reste à vous) Puisqu’on est basé en Oregon, un état sans taxe de vente, on vous donne le même que vos voisins au Sud.

Comment marche-t-il?

Tout simplement, on utilise un moyen du taux d’échange à fin de réduire le montant en dollars US de votre commande. Ce numéro peut changer en tout temps et ne correspondra pas au taux d’échange du jour, mais, on vous donne le choix en vous montrant la baisse de prix avant que la commande s’achève. Vous serez toujours obliger de payer aux Douanes Canadiennes le TPS/TVQ /HST en tout, mais le 5% TPS vous aurait déjà été récompensé dans le « Currency Adjustment ».

*A noter: Vous êtes responsable des frais d’échange qui peut être imposés par votre institution financière. Ce prix d’ajustement n’est pas aucunement lié au taux d’échange actuel.  

SquarePegToys® levels the playing field for Canadian customers

Please Note Updated Terms: Sept 16, 2019

What you see on the order is about what you pay in Canadian dollars*.

There are never any duties for our products under NAFTA, and now we’ll even compensate you for your GST too! Because we’re headquartered in Oregon where there is no sales tax, we’re simply extending the no sales tax concept northward. Provincial sales tax will still be up to you if you live where there is one. Adjustment is calculated on value of merchandise only.

The Details

We use an average exchange rate to calculate the adjustment for how many US dollars to actually charge to your card. The rate can change at any time and likely won’t match the current day’s rate, but the adjustment appears automatically on your order at checkout so you have time to decide before you commit to the purchase.  When your order arrives, you will still need to pay all of the GST/HST Canadian Customs will charge you, but the 5% GST has already been covered in the “Currency Adjustment”.

*Note: your bank may still charge you a fee for making a foreign currency purchase but that is not under our control and not covered here. This is also a courtesy adjustment so isn’t tied in to the actual exchange rates of the day.  

Mega Sized Leos Added to Lineup

Adding to the collection of Leos are 2 thicker ones for a bigger stretch, and 2 longer ones for playing in the Sigmoid flexure. See them all on the Leo page.

SwapIT!™ Service goes live

100% Platinum Grade silicone can be safely sterilized in an autoclave without damage, so why not get rid of toys you don’t use anymore and put that money towards new ones, or, do an even swap with someone else for a toy you want? You don’t have to go through us, but using SquarePegToys® SwapIT!™ service ensures the toys you receive have gone through the same 2-step sterilization process that hospitals use, and you keep your address private by having us act as your middleman. Yet one more way SquarePegToys® shows that it cares about your health and well-being and not just your wallet.

New S-Series

SquarePegToys® is rolling out a new sizing convention to help you choose the right sized toy.  Small, Medium, Large, doesn’t really tell you much when trying to get a plug or toy that’s right for you.  Blunt™ and Happy Hours are the first to roll out with this, and look for more toys to be added over time.  And be sure to check out the sizing charts for more insight into what toy might be right for you.

Two New Big Plugs

You all asked for it, new bigger versions of both the Happy Hour and Blunt™ Plugs:  Monster Happy Hour and XL Blunt.   (btw XL Happy Hour is almost complete)

Shop@Home™ Program now Available

Only SquarePegToys® puts so much thought into how we can make your play as fulfilling as it can be.  A big part of that is getting you the toys that you know are the right size for you, but online images can only go so far.  Now introducing  a system with special packaging that allows you to see the toys in the comfort of your home and actually be returned if they are the wrong size, style or firmness for you. You tell us which toys you want to review and a small, non-refundable fee per item pays for the added packaging and a pre-paid return shipping label if you decide to send something back. Simply don’t open the tamper evident bag.  See the current list of toys in the program and how it all works on the main Shop@Home™ page. If there’s something you’d like to review that isn’t in the program yet, please just ask.

Toy BandIT!™ and Butt BandIT!™ kit introduced

A new way to use the Peg Away Putty® to add to your toys without having to permanently alter them. Once you make your own new BandIT!s™ you can use them on any of your silicone toys to bump them up, make them fatter, add ridges or texture. Same goes for your wrists for fisting.  Kits come with 2 basic mold forms and enough putty to get you started making a few BandIT!s™ for either your silicone toys or for your wrists for fisting.