SquarePegToys® Leads the Way in Innovation

Innovation Leader

SquarePegToys® continues to lead the way in innovation and in setting trends in the toy market. Often imitated, but never duplicated! Beginning in 1997, SquarePegToys® was the first to produce large silicone toys targeted directly at fetish anal play in a market dominated by vinyl. Several other firsts have followed over the years.

Each shape begins as a unique, hand-sculpted model inspired from imagination with an eye towards what would make for great hole play. Some models can be inspired by similar desires for a certain shape expressed by different people, a few were sculpted entirely by buds of mine in studio and a few others come from friends’ specific directions in length, height, girth with me left to do the designing.

First to develop silicone toys targeted at fetish anal play.

First to create a wagging puppyTail in silicone.

First to develop flexible sounds in silicone.

First to create line of specialized urethral toys where none had existed before.

First to introduce a SuperSoft silicone formula to the market.

First to create a Depth Probe for depth exploration.

First to develop a SuperStretch Platinum grade putty for making your own customizations.

I Stand Behind My Products

Putting myself behind my products is the way I demonstrate my commitment to quality and originality, unique to the toy business. Being an active and present member of the community that I sell to ensures that I continue to use only the best material for healthy, quality, long-lasting toys.

Made in the USA

All toys are made in the USA with US produced silicone to further ensure the product’s safety and quality. SquarePegToys® is proud to be a part of maintaining the integrity of domestic manufacturing jobs and their related supply chain.

Silicone: Unmatched for Quality & Safety

Silicone is unsurpassed in its suitability for toys and is the only material that will live up to the kind of abuse that I, and many of my friends and colleagues, put them through. Other rubbers may try, but dollar for dollar, none match silicone’s quality and safety. How many cheap toys do you go through in a given year? How many ooze, have a strong odor or crack, break or shrink for no reason? How many have burned your hole or can’t handle grease without breaking down?

Despite the added costs of silicone production, I have chosen to sacrifice higher profit margins in order to make these within the reach of as many as I can.

An Evolution of Design

Continued feedback on future designs is a necessary and eternally sought after component to the spirit of the line. Some of the shapes and toys that originated in the community were the ‘Jammer’ and ‘Jammer II’, the ‘Charlie Horses’, the ‘Puppy Tails’, the ‘Rough Rider’ as well as the collection of Sounds and ToolBits ™. In 2004, the ‘Kevin’ as well as the ‘Fireplug’ were added to the line through collaboration with a friend of mine and the Little Kevin and Big Kevin soon followed.

The original 8 toys that started it all.

The original 8 toys that started it all.

As the line continued into 2006, many of the popular toys were reinvented in smaller or larger shapes. There was also the addition of a SuperSoft bronze silicone formula in 2006, unique to SquarePegToys®, for a totally different play experience. SquarePegToys® was the first company to use SuperSoft silicone for toys and was even the one who coined the term “SuperSoft” to differentiate it from the other firmer silicones, now ubiquitous in the industry.

All toys are cast in a black Platinum grade silicone, introduced in 2003, upgraded from the then original grey-black formula in use from 1997 – 2003. Silicones are a continually developing field and as silicone technology improves, SquarePegToys® is always on the leading edge to implement the best the industry has to offer.  I formulate my own silicone in studio to be soft enough to be kind, but firm enough for good control and easy hands-free play, with the exception of some of the SuperSoft models.

Silicone tends toward the firmer side when compared to “jelly” or sticky soft vinyl, but softer than the harder vinyls used in a lot of the common phallic shapes. Check out the new bronze colored SuperSoft for the softest silicone I produce, while the black provides for a slightly firmer experience.

Please feel free to email your comments and suggestions if you don’t see a toy here that could meet your specific needs. This is a line of toys that was built in part through community feedback and input, and your support continues to be important. If you have a design in mind that would benefit you, chances are it would benefit others as well.

Heed the warning of any toy on the market that is labeled “for novelty use only” or “not for internal use” even if the product is labeled as silicone.  There are currently no safety labeling standards for silicone products. This the manufacturer telling you up front that the materials and processes used to make the toy would present a health risk if used internally, so heed their warning.  Put a rubber on it!

Buyer Beware

There is an ongoing pattern of new producers of vinyl toys coming and going, as well as the adoption of trendy material names to disguise the fact that the material being used is still plain old vinyl and in no way silicone. Buyer beware.

Vinyl/PVC, although much cheaper than silicone, just does not stand up over the long haul, period. The biggest drawback to vinyl is the way it is adversely affected by heat. This means the heat necessary to sterilize them also hurts them.

Additionally, phthalates are suspected carcinogens and endocrine disrupters and are used in the plasticizers that soften vinyl down from its regular hard formula … the same stuff used in the production of PVC pipe. Phthalate free claims don’t equate to toxin free if plasticizers are still being used.

For your own protection, please use condoms over vinyl toys or any toy with a strong odor.