SquarePegToys® levels the playing field for Canadian customers

Please Note Updated Terms: Sept 16, 2019

What you see on the order is about what you pay in Canadian dollars*.

There are never any duties for our products under NAFTA, and now we’ll even compensate you for your GST too! Because we’re headquartered in Oregon where there is no sales tax, we’re simply extending the no sales tax concept northward. Provincial sales tax will still be up to you if you live where there is one. Adjustment is calculated on value of merchandise only.

The Details

We use an average exchange rate to calculate the adjustment for how many US dollars to actually charge to your card. The rate can change at any time and likely won’t match the current day’s rate, but the adjustment appears automatically on your order at checkout so you have time to decide before you commit to the purchase.  When your order arrives, you will still need to pay all of the GST/HST Canadian Customs will charge you, but the 5% GST has already been covered in the “Currency Adjustment”.

*Note: your bank may still charge you a fee for making a foreign currency purchase but that is not under our control and not covered here. This is also a courtesy adjustment so isn’t tied in to the actual exchange rates of the day.