SquarePegToys® Q & A

Using Toys for Oral / Throat Play

What I speak about here is my own personal experience and not instructions for use. Only you know what your level of experience is and what is safe for you.


I am receiving a growing volume of questions about what toys would be good for oral use like training a gag reflex or just for solo play when a partner is not available.  Because this type of use has the potential to obstruct breathing, and therefore is a unique risk to personal safety that anal use does not have, I have always avoided such topics.  But now, with my awareness of the growing number of individuals using the toys in this way, at some point the absence of honest dialogue about this practice begins to present more of a safety risk than speaking about it would.

In much the same spirit, when SquarePegToys® began in 1997, one of the hallmarks of the brand was the frank talk about using toys for anal play in an industry where no-one was speaking about it, instead most manufacturers even today opt for the “novelty use only” route. Since I actually use the toys myself for anal and oral play, I can speak about my own experiences and thought process I use to mitigate risks in a descriptive rather than prescriptive way, thus providing a starting point for others to have their own dialogue about what they might do.

So why this trend upward in oral play with toys? I think having a novel material has helped open the way.  My 100% Platinum cured SuperSoft silicone lends itself very well to this type of use: it’s flexible, bendy and gives to pressure; it’s odorless and tasteless; and it can be sterilized easily. I also think solo play and the practice of self care overall has been growing as well, and oral sex is just as important in many people’s lives, so we get creative and learn to find ways to enjoy that sex act alone too.



• Keep toys that are exclusively for oral to keep rectal flora from getting into my throat.
• Use my own lubrication that is naturally present rather than introduce chemicals from lube.
• Ensure there is a stop or good base to prevent it from going in all the way.
• Check the strength and integrity of any toy before play.
• Don’t play on a full stomach.
• Toys I go to for different sensations: Nathan Actual Size, Small Slink®, Small Leo, The Slim


Things to think about when assessing personal safety with oral / throat play:

• Do you have acid reflux or GERD. Inflamed or scarred tissues could be harmed by pressure or stretching.
• The abdominal contractions from the gagging reflex can exacerbate hernias or create new ones.
• Are you prone to seizures or uncontrolled biting that you could sever a toy from its base.
• Do you faint easily.
• Are you prone to respiratory illness.