Do It Yourself with Peg Away Putty™

Peg Away Putty™ is the first ever 100% Platinum Grade silicone putty that you can use to personalize your favorite toys and make them even better.

  • Add bumps, ridges, or extra length to your plug or dildo to hit all the right spots.
  • Bling up your puppy tail and set yourself apart from the pack.
  • Make your own sounds, safely and easily.

Peg Away Putty™ finally puts the power of creativity in your hands! Only from SquarePegToys®.

SquarePegHole™ Custom Base

The new SquarePegHole™ is a unique universal socket that grips onto most peg type devices on the market, complementing the unmatched realism of SquarePegToy’s® proprietary SuperSoft silicone, to allow for a truly intimate play experience.

The SquarePegHole™ is currently available as an option with these toys.

FlushCup™ Custom Base

Yet another game-changing innovation comes out of the creative mind behind SquarePegToys®. Called the FlushCup™ because it goes beyond what a simple suction base offers. The low profile means the toy is still allowed to sit flush to the surface, using the toy itself to keep it firmly rooted in place with no flopping around on an awkward stem.

The FlushCup™ holds toys up to 1 and 1/2 pounds (for example a Leo 1x) on a smooth, vertical surface. On heavier toys the hang time is limited, but it works great as an anchor, holding it firm to a smooth, flat surface.

The FlushCup™ is currently available as an option with these toys.

Monster Egg Plug

The biggest plug yet! Same intuitive Egg shape that fits your hole only like SquarePegToys® knows how.

Long, narrow necks and the supple nature of SquarePegToys® own supersoft silicone blend make these among the best made plugs on the planet.  Now available in 9 sizes to fill every need.

Slink® Vortex

A new texture is now available in the Slink® line. As it’s sculpted entirely by my own hand, it delivers wonderful tactile sensations and if you’re using it on someone, a visual feast as well.

4 ribs make 2 full revolutions as they snake their way from the bulb all the way to the tip. And because of my own proprietary SuperSoft formula it delivers gentle feelings of motion without being aggressive. Soft and supple, yet firm enough to hold its shape.

Rock Bottom International Rates

Once again I’ve been able to secure even lower international shipping rates and am passing my savings along to you. International rates have been reduced by up to 35%!

My site is made so you can quickly get rate quotes to compare. Simply add the items you want to your cart, select your country and postal code, and click on “Estimate”. It’s that easy!

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New Releases

  • Monster


    The Biggest Egg Plug Yet

    • Categories: Fisting Training, Plugs, Prostate, Stretch
    • Level: Advanced
  • Sock™


    Simple, masculine, effective.

    • Slink® Vortex


      For an sensual depth experience

      • Categories: Depth
      • Level: Advanced
    • Head Harness

      from $89.00

      Super for hands-free penetrating action

      • Categories: Depth, FlushCup, Harness Base, Prostate, SquarePegHole
      • Level: Intermediate
    • Ballistic Stretch


      Strong, Potent Stretch Tool

      • Categories: Stretch
      • Level: Advanced
    • Dino Stretch


      An Innovative Approach to Stretch Play

      • Categories: Prostate, Stretch
      • Level: Advanced
    • Show Tail

      from $29.00

      Now there's a tail for anyone

      • Categories: Puppy Tails, Puppy Toys
    • Pounder

      from $79.00

      Soft head for depth exploration, full texture for gripping all of your insides at once.

      • Categories: Depth, FlushCup, Harness Base, SquarePegHole, Stretch
      • Level: Intermediate, Advanced
    • Worm

      from $79.00

      Intense sensory experience with depth potential

      • Categories: Depth, FlushCup, Harness Base, SquarePegHole
      • Level: Intermediate, Advanced
    • Slink ®

      from $69.00

      Long taper for depth exploration

      • Categories: Depth, Depth Training, FlushCup, Harness Base, Plugs
      • Level: Advanced
    • Stamen

      from $159.00

      Slender enough to go deep, ridges add a little extra to it

      • Categories: Depth
      • Level: Intermediate, Advanced

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