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Depth Training

“I want to work up to taking a fist (or toys) deeper, is there anything you could recommend?”

If you’re asking this question you are indeed not alone. Depth play is gaining in acceptance and popularity and it’s important to have some information as you begin this journey. This site is based on my own experiences and intended as a general guidline in the spirit of personal growth. Playing deep is an Extreme Sport with inherent risks. As always, it is up to you to determine what is good for your own body and to take from this information what you choose.

Generally, one finds the journey into depth play begins after becoming comfortable with big toys or fisting and those deeper nerve centers begin to get triggered. But don’t feel like there’s something wrong if you don’t have the desire, many never do.

The Hurdles

There is some work you can and should do on your own before attempting to take a fist for the first time. Multiple challenges must be overcome to make the experience enjoyable, if even possible, for you and your partner.

  1. Develop the ability to consciously relax the Pubo-Rectal sling.
  2. Train the body to relate the deep pressure with pleasure.

Developing an ability to relax through deep breathing and focus will go a long way to helping you accomplish your goal.

Body Position

It can play an important role when exploring depth. I find I have the most control and ability to relax just kneeling and sitting back on a toy, although this position can make relaxing simultaneously a challenge. Being on all fours helps me to relax and drops my insides and opens them up at the same time, though controlling a toy becomes difficult. I’ve gotten it down to a little dance at this point, adjusting position as each difficult spot is encountered and using body position to help line things up.


It’s a good time to mention that the intestines are only wired to sense pressure. If you’re feeling discomfort in some form it’s most likely due to the wall being pushed in some way it doesn’t like. It’s important you understand what level of discomfort is normal for you so you can know when the pain is telling you to stop.

The Physiology

Opening up the second sphincter as it’s often called, is for most just as challenging as it was learning to take a fist. Playing deep can evoke feelings of discomfort or pleasure depending your level and care to avoid injury.

The Pubo-Rectal sling (second sphincter) is a loop of muscle that in its natural state, holds the lower intestine up to create the boundary between the rectum and the sigmoid. In essence, when you have a bowel movement it will relax and allow everything to straighten out for elimination. So the challenge with depth play is to learn to allow it to relax and straighten at will so things can pass through more easily.

There seems to be some consensus in the things I’ve read that there is a sphincter of sorts in the Sigmoid as well. This would indeed explain the intense feelings of pleasure or discomfort that I encounter when playing at about 14-16 inches deep.

smooth longneck

The Ultimate Training Tool

The Smooth Longneck was developed as a way to condition your mind to take a fist deeper. As it was when you began your journey into fisting, you now have the added challenge of learning to connect with the muscles in your pelvic floor in order to relax them through mental focus.

The head of the Longneck is shaped like a hand in tuck position with a tip set slightly off center.  These design elements replicate the way a hand feels, but on a smaller scale, so as to begin to train your mind to be able to accept this presence as a source of potential pleasure.  The off-set tip is essential for you to change the direction of the toy inside, giving you the control you need to find the right path for risk reduction.

Depth Probes

For depth play purely as a fetish activity there are a few toys that have been developed to be effective tools at minimizing risk in experienced hands.

The Depth Probes were developed in response to input I was receiving about individuals using colon tubes to play with.  I sought to create a safer alternative with a blunt, rounded tip and solid core for stability. For history’s sake, when they first came out they were called Colon Snakes and then were called Pogos in an attempt to differentiate them from knock-offs, but now they’re just Depth Probes, plain and simple. It’s important to me in my play that depth toys in particular only be made of 100% silicone so no strange chemicals come in contact with my tender insides.


A new concept in depth exploration, I capitalized on the properties of my proprietary silicone blend to develop a shape with just the right structure and suppleness to it.  The unique taper allows the section above to be more flexible than the one below, giving the Slink™ its distinct properties.