Purchase, Shipping and Return Policy

  1. We adhere to rules and guidelines for fair business practice as outlined by the UCC or Uniform Commercial Code.
  2. Due to the nature of this product, all sales must be final. In the unlikely event you were to receive a defective product an exchange will be made for you of the same model and type. If you ever must return a defective product, a call tag will be issued to ensure safe arrival back to SquarePegToys®.
  3. SquarePegToys® will be responsible for any damage or loss that occurs while product is in transit, once product is delivered that responsibility falls on the purchaser. We send packages via FedEx, both domestic and international. Additional duties and taxes are the responsibility of the recipient.
  4. All orders are shipped signature required. If you elect to waive this requirement, it is your responsibility to provide a secure address for delivery. If you prefer, you can request to have your package delivered to a local FedEx Office for safe delivery.  SquarePegToys® is not responsible for loss that occurs after delivery is made if you elect to waive your signature requirement.

Intellectual Property and Copyright

  1. All images and text on this site as well as the product designs themselves are protected by copyright.
  2. By submitting any information in the form of text, sketches, models or otherwise to SquarePegToys® about future products, the submitter grants SquarePegToys® the permission to use said information for developing and commercializing products. In the event any models and/or ideas are submitted and accepted for production by SquarePegToys® compensation to the submitter will be made only if agreed upon by SquarePegToys®.
  3. Any links to other websites are provided as a source of information only and are not necessarily endorsed by SquarePegToys® nor does it imply any endorsement.

Product Descriptions

  1. Model descriptions solely reflect my own experience and are not to be interpreted as instructions for use. Only you can know what your level of expertise and capacity are. I recommend you play sober and within your limits.
  2. The purchaser of any product contained within this website acknowledges that SquarePegToys® has in no way forced you to use it in any specific way and that ultimate use and risk of injury to person lies with the purchaser alone. Serious harm can come to you if you insert any foreign object into your body for that matter.
  3. Due to the hand-made nature of these toys and the flexible nature of silicone, dimensions are given to provide a close idea of the size of the model. Final size may vary up to 5%.
  4. A color matching service is not available. Color varies from unit to unit and cannot be used as a basis for return or exchange.

Legal Jurisdiction

  1. SPToys, Inc, dba SquarePegToys® maintains only one source for retail sales, located in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. This website is made available to the public in order to access product sold at the retail location and making a purchase from the site is equivalent to purchasing from the retail location in Massachusetts. The courts of Barnstable County, Massachusetts, will hold jurisdiction in any legal matters brought before SquarePegToys®.