Depth Play

I consider anything that goes beyond the area of the rectum (past the pubo-rectalis) to be depth play and requires certain attentions to safety and cleanliness. It is hard for a lot of people to play deep and not have totally pleasurable feelings at first. The “second sphincter” at the pubo-rectal sling is what holds back feces in the Sigmoid and so, pressure applied to it from any direction, usually sends signals to your brain that it’s time for a movement, which then creates those uncomfortable feelings. Some people have to spend a lot of time desensitizing their second sphincter and learning to allow it to relax and straighten out the lower colon, I sure did. But through practice, you can learn to allow it to relax and open at will. Now that I’ve become accustomed to having the second sphincter played with it feels really good and adds another dimension to my play.

Beyond the second sphincter is another “gateway” located anywhere from 11-15 inches in. There really isn’t a lot known about the Sigmoid and what its make up is, medical and technical information is sparse and doesn’t really address the anatomy from the viewpoint of an ass player. But for me, at about 12 inches deep is where there is a definite increase in sensation and the feeling of the toy going through a sphincter of sorts.

I say of sorts because in my play, I am leaning towards a type of sling and bend than anything else. I suspect what I’m feeling is the border where the sigmoid turns upward into the bottom of the descending colon. The physiological reasons for a nerve center at this point is still a mystery to me, but I can recall the first times I went through this gateway, the feelings of pleasure were so deep and intense I was experiencing spontaneous full body orgasms often accompanied by the prostate/penile ones as well. Others over the years have reported the same experiences as well with this 3rd gateway.

But don’t get too overly enthusiastic with this area until you have learned what your body can take, the angles of approach, the stretch it can comfortably take. I say stretch for lack of a better word, as it’s really about relaxing the muscles. There have been periods where I’ve been a bit careless here and overdone it, and so for a time could feel discomfort in that area and would just need to let it rest. One of those periods was due entirely to stress and a chronic intestinal upset type situation developed, making deep ass play impossible to enjoy at any time, even clean-outs became uncomfortable. So overall health and stress will likely also play a large part in how well you enjoy deeper manipulation.

Deep fisting is all about getting this 3rd gateway adapted to the feeling of a hand manipulating it and going through it, not a small feat in the least. And some never get there despite their best efforts. The importance of training on your own with toys cannot be understated, but equally important is having someone you know and trust to be able to explore those feelings and begin to transmute them into something pleasurable. The toy play on your own gets you prepared for the uncomfortable feelings playing with this gate brings up, so that when you have someone with experience, you can maximize on that opportunity and work with them to understand your own anatomy. This inner knowledge will only help you stay safe in your solo play.

But what about injury? How risky is all of this is a very common concern.

This is an extreme sport and should be approached with the same attention to risk reduction you would if skydiving or rock climbing.  When I have heard of someone punching a hole in their colon, it is almost always from playing deep with a dildo or other inanimate object, and most always they were under the influence of something. That is not to say you can never play deep with toys, just listen to your gut when you do. The intestinal nerves are only set up to sense pressure, nothing else, so when you feel discomfort you can be almost certain it’s due to you pressing up against the inside walls. The colon is lined with layers of smooth muscle, so it’s pretty strong and flexible, think of something like your cheek. Just listen when you feel something and determine if it’s a “normal” sense of discomfort, or a situation where a new angle needs to be taken.

Nothing of course can replace the tactile ability of a human hand as you learn how your gut communicates, and can be an invaluable part of the growth process. Just knowing that the intense feeling you are having isn’t due to imminent puncture because the person inside you can tell you exactly what they are feeling, goes a long way to helping you relax through those moments. Relaxation = a more receptive and open colon.

After playing deep, don’t be surprised if things are a bit different for a few days after. I can often feel a tightness inside my belly just behind and below my navel which I feel even more during a bowel movement. If I’ve really had a good time, my second sphincter might just clamp up for a day or two or my whole system will slow or stop entirely while it rests. I used to worry about this, but know now to expect this if I play particularly long and deep. The Doctors I’ve spoken to about this confirm the gut is smart and will stop moving things along if it has undergone some trauma.

Playing with the pubo-rectalis and 3rd gateway has also become a reliable tell for me if I’m deeply clean or not. If I have any debris far up in the descending colon, playing with these will usually stimulate movement and bring along with it those uncomfortable feelings. I have come to know I’m clean and ready when those feelings are not there.