Cleaning Out

The Why

Techniques for cleaning out are as wide and varied as people themselves. You will even find that over time as your play evolves, your method will evolve, so it’s good to always keep an open mind. From a safety standpoint cleaning out is important to getting ready for playtime: feces is a gritty, abrasive substance that can cause harm – even instigate tears in the lining of your rectum and colon. The girth of some toys accentuate the risk by pressing debris against the walls and dragging it as you play.

That being said, some people like to play a little (or a lot) dirty. From a pleasure standpoint, being clean helps reduce spasms that might be caused by stretching. In any case, knowing what is up there is important. Nuts and seeds present the greatest risk because they don’t break down well in the body, coming from something as simple as a hamburger bun or candy bar. Be aware also of ground beef, which can hide chips of bone or gristle. My personal nemesis is popcorn…love to eat it, but the hulls present a certain danger, thin and sharp, and linger for a day or so. Everything in life is a trade off, and by minimizing the risks while maximizing enjoyment you can hopefully maintain your hole for a lifetime of play.

Playing deep (beyond the rectum and into the sigmoid colon) requires a much more involved cleaning than what simple enema bulbs can provide.

Not Playing Deep

For anything that involves just the immediate cavity beyond the anus, like the first 6-8 inches on most, a little bit of water (8-12 ounces) will work wonders in eliminating food risk and odor and make your play time more enjoyable. In general, your body does not hold feces in the rectum so it is often pretty empty, only trace amounts might need to be removed. It can be helpful to have had a good dump sometime before and allow your body to relax again. A simple flush of water will remove anything left behind and leave you squeaky clean. Lukewarm, plain water is what most use (no soaps, salts or anything else, ever). I like water that’s slightly cooler than my body temperature so I can feel inside and know if I’ve gone too deep.  To get it inside you, most fetish stores sell the enema bulb, something like a modified turkey baster. In a pinch, I have heard of guys using a regular 16 oz empty plastic water or soda bottle, putting the mouth of the bottle up to their hole, not in it because of the threads, and squeezing. You get a dosed amount of water either way and won’t overdo it, (this is a great trick I’ve used while traveling and caught without my kit). There is also the old fashioned Enema bag, but this can be hard to know the amount of water being released. It doesn’t take much water to get the job done. Sometimes doing the “squirt” enema can stimulate the nerves into a bowel movement, if it does that’s good because there was something up a bit further that would have come down anyway once you started playing. If your bowels are empty when you do the “squirt” chances are you won’t feel the need to go. Beware of getting too much water in and having it get trapped past the Second Ring and sit there, only to come out later at an inconvenient time.

Playing Deep or Wide

If there is any chance you will be going deep, are planning on stretch play, or are planning on an extended shallow play session like plugging,  a more involved douching is probably in order. There really is no tried and true method for doing this….depending on your physiology, metabolism, health, diet, daily elimination habits, everything really, you will just need to hear what other people do and try different things. It’s good to keep in mind as well, that as time goes on and your body adapts to your play habits, your method will most likely evolve as well.

Diet plays a major role for some, while for others the role is negligible. The first step towards effective clean-outs is to know what your body’s digestive clock is and what foods might accelerate it or slow it down. You can practice figuring out your digestive clock by eating what are called tracer foods, sesame seeds are good for this, and seeing how long they take to work through your system. You can do this by simply taking a spoonful of seeds with a meal, they will be easily seen after they’ve exited your body the next day. Knowing your body clock is so key to happy clean-outs I can’t stress it enough. It’s good knowing when everything has come out so you don’t overdo it and get sore or tired. It also gives you the confidence that will be key to helping you to relax during your play. I used to envy those who could eat and do whatever they pleased and after only 30 minutes “on the hose” as one says, be ready for play. My envy has matured into an understanding that they are simply in tune with their body on such a level as to make clean-outs as painless as they can be. I do know for myself, that if I time my play for the evenings I can count on a fairly easy prep time as it coincides with my natural body clock. If I were to attempt to clean out during the day I know I would be in for a rough go of it. Once you have an understanding of what your cycle is, you can use that knowledge to alter eating and play habits to help make clean outs more efficient.

What to Eat

Most of us don’t get enough fiber. I add a nightly dose of plain psyllium husk to my dinner to help keep things moving along and assist in easier elimination.

On a personal note, I developed an irritable bowel over the last 5 years which had made play problematic to say the least as it destroyed my natural body rhythms I had come to rely upon. I had a great GI doctor that introduced me to a low FODMAP diet, and I was able to discover what foods I was no longer tolerating. It’s a relatively new understanding about how otherwise healthy foods can be major irritants to some people as they age. If you’re having issues new found gut issues it could be something of interest to look at.

The key here is to discover which foods give your gut a rough time and which ones are kind and to stick to the kind ones the day before you want to prepare.  As an example, horseradish overstimulates my gut and goes through me in about 6 hours flat, so I can’t eat it the day of play. I also limit leafy things like lettuce or raw vegetables as they can be persistent and get stuck in the tract.


The only method I’ve tried and can’t find any merit in is fasting.  When you stop eating your system slows down and leaves your last meals inside regardless. Besides, you will need your strength and energy for play. Indeed, regularity seems to be the best thing overall for most.

Quick Tips and Tricks

Try cycling a small amount of water in the rectum only and pushing it out in rapid sequence (like every 3 seconds) until you trigger a bowel movement. If you’re not able to trigger one, your sigmoid is most likely empty.

After a bit of cycling water in the rectum, take 2 fingers on each side of your hole, making sure to grab the inner sphincter as well, and pull your hole open tight. What you’re trying to do here is trick your body into a BM, if you have more to come out this will usually work, if you’re empty up higher you’ll most likely not have any reaction.

Use the tips of your fingers from the outside to shake and prod the descending colon on the left side of your abdomen. Once you get good, you should be able to detect debris just by the way your colon feels when prodded and help it on its way out.

I have found I usually expel some gas at the end of my clean out. I used to think this meant there was more coming, but now recognize it as a sign things are over.

If you start having that “sick feeling” during a clean out, like you might feel with diarrhea, you’ve overdone it and have triggered spasms in your large intestine. Stop and rest, and stay near a toilet. Sometimes these will grow and you’ll be stuck on the toilet for a while. Think to what feelings preceded this to avoid it next time.

Rhythm Method

My own personal clean-out process includes something I call the ‘Rhythm Method’.

Fact: my body normally cycles food in about 18-24 hours.

Fact: I most always like to play at night after dinner.

Problem: Despite everything I tried, I always had rough clean outs that never seemed to end.

Solution: By having a full meal at dinnertime and not snacking afterwards, I was able to solve my problem.

How could that be? By not snacking between dinner and bedtime I can set myself up to have at least 12 hours of ‘clean space’ in my digestive tract. Think of it like a conveyor belt. If I stuck to this, when next evening would roll around I had most always gotten rid of the previous night’s dinner with a simple bowel movement and all that was needed was a quick rinse and check. I knew I was free and clear for some playtime and the peace of mind that came with it allowed me to fully relax and enjoy myself. So, in the end, instead of trying to find the right clean-out technique for deep cleaning I altered my habits so a shallow clean was all that was required.  By snacking at night I was “littering” my digestive track with debris. Eating better and more regularly ended up not only being good for my playtime, but for my health too.

Hose, Bag or Bulb

This choice comes down to both personal preference and need.

A hose provides an endless supply of water and is good for both low pressure deep filling and shallow quick cycling of water.  They often tend to be a permanent solution affixed to your shower and not portable.

Enema bags have been around for a long time and offer a portable solution to the hose.  They can be effective for light to moderate clean outs.

The Enema Bulb is a relatively new device aimed at providing a quick, clean out for shallow play or anal sex.


The body really is a very adaptable thing and will take to whatever conditioning you put on it, so a quick easy fix won’t stay that way very long. As far as all the laxatives and anti spasmodics on the market,  I can speak from personal experience that there is indeed no “magic pill”. Your most powerful ally in the long haul will be to work on developing healthy, regular eating habits and reducing stress in your life.