SquarePegToys® Q & A

Why don’t some of your toys have stops to prevent them from going in?

Most all of my toys do have a base of some sort, taking different forms depending on their intended use. People seem to take issue mostly with the ‘table top’ models like “Baby Head” or “Uncut7”, which are relatively shorter and appear they could fall in to someone.

I am a member of the very same community that I sell to, so I only design toys that I would feel comfortable playing with myself, using proper judgement. If a toy is so small that you would be excessively worried it might go in all the way without much force, then it is definitely a toy I would not recommend you play with. I have to design shapes for all statures of men and women, so all toys are not appropriate for all people. I ask that you use your own judgement and only play with toys that won’t cause you worry.