SquarePegToys® Q & A

Are your toys very flexible? How much give do they have?

I formulate my silicone to have a nice ‘cushiony’ spring to it but still be firm enough so it can stand up on its own for handsfree play and make it easy to handle. My toys are definitely softer than most of the hard rubber or vinyl ones, and even more importantly, they don’t harden with age either.

They are definitely not pliable to the point of jelly toys or some of the really soft vinyls. From both a creator’s and a users’s standpoint, I feel that if a toy is well designed there really is no need for the rubber to have excessive give. I have tried to find that balance between comfort, feel and durability. Overall, silicone is stronger and will flex much more than vinyl or latex can.

My SuperSoft Bronze formula was implemented in 2006.