SquarePegToys® Q & A

Why are no Insertable Lengths Listed

It’s actually a long standing practice of SquarePegToys® to not give an insertable length measurement, for this really depends entirely on the capacity and experience level of the end user  (pun intended).   But to take it a step further, if we look at it objectively, every toy in theory could be fully inserted if one were experienced enough for the size of the toy, and there are abundant videos online of fans showing off their capacity just in this regard. So an insertable length really doesn’t say much as it depends entirely on experience.  Promoting sound choices and safe and sane play has always been at the heart of the SquarePeg brand.

The strange irony of it all, is that those companies that sell toys marked strictly as “novelty use only”, are most always giving you an insertable length measurement for their products at the same time, which implies they intend the toy to be used, despite their claim to the contrary. One more recently even states additionally “for external use only”.

From the very beginning SquarePeg was, and remains, one of the only manufacturers that doesn’t put “for novelty use” on their products.  We can do this because we only use US sourced 100% Platinum Grade Silicone so we know what we’re getting, and because we always allow the customer to choose the right toy for their own level of play.