SquarePegToys® Q & A

My toy has these gooey spots on them that won’t go away

What you’ve got is what I call “contact burn”.  The plasticizers used to soften PVC (vinyl) for toy production are so strong that they actually disrupt the structure of cured silicone.  Once the chemical reaction starts it can be hard to stop, but using acetone to clean out the wound repeatedly as new goo forms can stop it.  Eventually it will produce less and less and end up staying dry. A chemical odor on the toy is one way to know if contact has occurred, it will often smell like vinyl.

Direct contact with vinyl toys isn’t the only way damage can occur.  Other ways are:

  • Placing your silicone toys on a surface that once had vinyl toys
  • Wrapping your silicone toys in towels once used for vinyl toys
  • Soaking your silicone toys with vinyl ones
  • Storing silicone toys in airtight spaces where the volatiles from vinyl can reach them.
  • Using both types of toys in a single play session and the lube acts as a carrier medium to coat the silicone with plasticizer laden lube.


Some examples after goo has been removed from the burn site:

Contact Burn from vinyl plasticizers