SquarePegToys® Q & A

What Kind of Harness is Best

Generally speaking, there are 3 ways a harness is designed to hold a toy:

  • O-ring
  • Solid Peg
  • Through Hole

The first uses a rubber or metal O-ring attached to the harness with straps to hold a toy on. The O-ring is meant to fit over the toy near the base.

The second uses a solid peg affixed to the harness, the toy must have a hole in the base so it’s the most specific of all the options. This option allows for the quickest change out of toys during play.

The Through Hole is simply just that, basically a reinforced hole in a garment that uses your body as the back stop to the base while the rest of the toy extends through the material. Since the material is the only support, it’s important to take into account how much the material will stretch.  The hole is also a fixed size.



  1. Weight of the toy to be used. Most peggers are generally using toys that approximate natural anatomy, so they aren’t so heavy. The through hole designs generally only accommodate these lighter weight toys.   Heavier or longer toys require more robust solutions that won’t stretch or give under the weight.
  2. Your body shape. We’re all made differently, so there’s no one type of harness that is a sure bet for all.  Some are full garments like underwear, some have 4 straps, some 2, some are jock strap fashioned.  Snaps and buckles are good if adjustability is essential or getting an extra snug fit for control.  It’s important to think where all your parts are and if the straps get in the way or comfortably fit when there’s a toy installed.
  3. Cloth is great for comfort and washability but stretches easily.  Rubber can be an option if not using grease based lubes (silicone oil lubes are ok). Leather holds up to all lubes, softens with age and endures, but is porous and can absorb stuff over time.


An internet forum on Pegging might be the best resource to gain information on what harnesses work best for specific applications.  As to where to buy, because availability and styles continually change, an internet search is going to be your best resource to see what is currently available.