SquarePegToys® Q & A

Canadian Dollar = US Dollar

You will notice at checkout that we have a unique program for our Canadian neighbors, where we calculate a “Canadian Currency Adjustment” and subtract this from your product total so that what you end up paying in Canadian dollars after exchange is about what the original figure was in US.


  • you want to purchase a toy listed at $100 US
  • so in the cart we deduct $27 US
  • making the product cost drop to $73 US or just about $100 CA

So in other words when you’re shopping you don’t need to add another 25-30% in your head as the cost of the toy in US dollars approximates what it will cost you in Canadian dollars after your bank does the exchange.  GST/HST/PST is calculated on this lower amount too so you save there as well!


Please Note:

  • The calculated adjustment only applies to product and not shipping.
  • The example above was based on March 2023 exchange rates and will fluctuate.
  • Adjustment is only approximate and will not exactly match the exchange rate.
  • All amounts on the site are in US dollars, including the Canadian Currency Adjustment.