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Dino Stretch

An Innovative Approach to Stretch Play

I’m proud to present another recent collaborative creation in the SquarePegToys® line. Because I don’t have the particular experience level to test and develop massive stretch toys on my own, I asked Michael from Phoenix (name used with permission) to lend me a hand after he sent me some comments about wanting larger toys to play with. You’ll see from his comments that he’s got a few of my toys already.  And so, after a few detailed emails back and forth, I was able to clearly visualize what it was he looking for and I put my sculpting hands to work to create a shape that would be functional as well as sensual.

After he played with the first castings in both the Soft Bronze and Firmer Black he was able to lend his perspective (see below) on this toy in a way that I never could to help you decide if this is indeed the toy for you.

Since this toy is a collaboration, I’ve posted his full personal comments here on the product page as I feel they merit the space.

I will say with confidence, that this is not a toy for stretch training as it were, but for those already into this level of play and seeking to add another dimension to their play. Great shape for sitting and grinding on.

The maximum circumference figures below are taken from about 1″ up from the base.

Incept Date: 2015,

Baby Stretch added August 2018, I just couldn’t help myself and wanted to experience what all these guys were sharing with me, so it’s in a size for those in a single fist range and enjoy taking toys up to 10″ around. Offers that same gateway to a tantric stretch experience.

On the Original size, Michael writes:

SuperSoft Bronze

Wow. What an amazing toy! I have never felt anything like it. This is truly a stretch/prostate toy. Let me tell you my experiences, as professionally and rated PG as I can :)

When I first saw it, I was excited about the head and knowing the toy was a little under 6 inches with a circumference of 17.5, I was like oh my. I was concerned about the amount of height for the tapered part. I thought, maybe to keep the toy short, that left a big taper in just a little space. I thought I might squash the toy as opposed to getting stretched.


Incept date January 2016

Everything made by SquarePegToys® is crafted entirely in the USA from only US sourced, 100% Platinum Grade Silicone.

$149.00 — $199.00

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Product Specs

Everything made by SquarePegToys® is crafted entirely in the USA from only US sourced, 100% Platinum Grade Silicone.

  • Categories: Prostate, Stretch
  • Level: Advanced
  • Available in: Firm Black, SuperSoft Bronze, SuperSoft Graphite
  • Baby: Height 5 1/4″ • First hump 9 3/4″ circ, Max circ 14″
  • Original: Height 5 3/4″ • First hump 12 1/2″ circ, Max circ 17 1/2″
Available Materials
  • SuperSoft Bronze
  • SuperSoft Graphite
  • Firm Black

Please Note
  • These toys are hand-made and every effort has been made to give accurate measurements. Due to this and the flexible nature of silicone your measurements may vary slightly from my own.
  • Model descriptions solely reflect my own experience and are not to be interpreted as instructions for use.
  • Only you can know what your level of expertise and capacity for play are. Always play safely and within your own limits.
Special Care for SuperSoft
  • Store upright or creases and imprints can become permanent.
  • Do not store next to or on vinyl or other rubbers with a strong odor as their plasticizers will harm the silicone.
  • Otherwise normal care for silicone applies.