Adapting to the Pandemic

May 6, 2020 update

Orders continue to ship out by next business day. With our reliance on US sourced materials and labor, and the fact we have preserved our in house manufacturing all these years places us in a strong position to weather times just like these. We continue to practice our physical distancing in both manufacturing and shipping so we’re able to take care of your toy needs without compromising our own well-being.


Mar 24th Update:

Shop@Home™ will be suspended until a time when freedom of movement is restored. I don’t want people feeling pressure to get returns back when they should be sheltering in place if ordered to do so.


March 18th, 2020

We find ourselves in unprecedented times and uncertainty seems to be the word of the day.  My thoughts have been turning to all of you I have met personally or known through email correspondence in my 23+ years of being a part of this uniquely individual and passionate community.  I have you all in my thoughts.

At the beginning of March I was still planning out travel for store visits and my MYOD workshops, looking forward to an exciting year connecting with many of you. How quickly things have changed.  Being in Portland, Oregon where things have suddenly ground to a halt, restaurants, gyms, bars and even my favorite coffee shops have all decided to close for the foreseeable future, I can sympathize with the feelings of disconnection that many of you are now experiencing or likely will be soon. As uncertainty and distancing grows, it’s important we all maintain connection somehow and be kind to each other.  

You can take comfort in knowing we are keeping ourselves safe while we continue to produce product and ship orders for you.

As far as SquarePegToys® goes and maintaining our own safety at work, we are a tight knit crew and already have our own individual responsibilities and separate work areas so maintaining social distance has already been a natural part of our daily pattern. Additionally, we have implemented new cleaning protocols for surfaces and mandatory hand washing upon entering the space. And because we need to keep the areas clean from outside contaminants, we already change clothes before entering the work areas.

Free Shipping

As more and more will likely find themselves unable to get out or travel and local stores may be forced to suspend operations at times, I’m waiving all ground shipping charges to orders within the lower 48 states until May 1st. Orders are still shipping out next business day.

Stay safe, play well, and be kind to each other,