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New Tail Line Arrives

You can count on SPT to make something fun and simple every now and again. This week sees the first arrival in several new tails to come, all with simple flanged bases for easily incorporating into your favorite play gear. showTail

14-Nov-2014 • Link to this post

and this week…

Medium tree at long last comes back to the line and big Stick returns after a brief hiatus. Look for more to come next week.  As for new items, the plug-less puppyTail is finally nearing completion in time for the holidays! My popular Happy Tail with a simple flange added to use anywhere you’d like.tail100px

04-Nov-2014 • Link to this post

Now again available are…

… the Big Devil, Demonic and XXXL Egg Plug after a long hiatus. Look for other models to return to regular production in the coming weeks as I prepare for the upcoming holiday season. I will add them to the Featured list at the top of this page as they do.

27-Oct-2014 • Link to this post

Why is silicone better than vinyl?

Most of the toys on the marketplace today are made from sort of vinyl. Why? Because it is a byproduct of petroleum and therefore available in abundance. You can pick out vinyl by its strong plastic like, or sometimes, burnt smoky odor. Any of the super soft materials like jelly or the pink flesh-like feeling ones are all vinyl based. The issue that many toy afficianados have with vinyls is the toxic plasticizers that are required to make it soft.

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