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Why looking for “Skin Safe” silicone is a non-starter.

Now that the muddling of the terms Platinum Grade and Medical Grade silicone has been discussed the newest promotional hook by some has been to label products as being made with a certified “skin-safe” silicone. On the surface this is misleading in that virtually all cured platinum grade silicones are already inherently “skin-safe”. Furthermore, this certification only refers to the silicone in its uncured, raw state so that it might be used directly on the skin for life casting purposes, something a toy user will never need to consider. But even if the skin-safe designation were relevant to toy choice, once pigments or release agents that aren’t “skin-safe” are added to the silicone during production, the designation is automatically invalidated unless those ingredients are certified “skin-safe” as well, which they won’t be by their very nature.

I’m trying to think of a comparison here to make it more relatable… I guess it could be something like advertising your brand of french fries were only made with “cholesterol free potatoes low in sodium” (which they already are by nature) to make them sound healthy, but then before serving them frying them in duck fat and adding salt.

It might not be a perfect analogy, but hopefully it works enough to make the point.