SquarePegToys® Q & A

I got my new Slink®, any tips for playing solo?

Most all of my toy play is self-indulgent solo play so I’m able to share my personal approach to playing with my Slinks® .
The Slink® can certainly take some getting used to as it isn’t like any other toy made before it and so requires some techniques previously not needed for solo play.  But the soft floppiness is necessary for it to do what it does, the key is to work with this quality and find your own way to enjoy this type of toy.
The following feedback is only to relay my own personal experience. You must always choose for yourself what to take away from another’s experience, and keep in mind we all have different capacities.
  • I have to open up just a little with another toy first. This loosens me slightly but also pre lubes my hole.
  • My intent is to get the first 6 inches in, after that, I keep this amount inside so I don’t have to continually rework it in, that length may vary for you.
  • To get it inside me alone: with lubed hands, standing, I grip it firmly at the base with one hand and with the other I guide the tip up to my hole.
  • I use the force of pushing from the base of the Slink® to move it, and only use the cupped palm of my other hand as a guide.  Once it’s started inside, I then use the same cupped hand as a brace and keep pushing the toy against my palm to make it bend towards my hole, and inside. This way I can push at an almost 90 degree angle to my hole and still have the force push it up inside.
  • So rather than trying to work it in by handling the tip, or sitting on it like a traditional toy, I push from the base and use a free greasy hand as a bumper. Once it’s started, simply pushing from the base even at an angle is all I need to keep it going in.

Hopefully this helps you discover a new way to enjoy your Slink®