SquarePegToys® Q & A

What is SuperSoft and how firm is your Firmer Black

SuperSoft is what I called my foray into really soft Platinum Grade silicones back in 2006.  Being the first in the toy industry to implement a soft, squishy silicone for toys there wasn’t a name for it yet and so I coined the term “SuperSoft”, which has since become the standard for the industry.  But it doesn’t mean anything specific in terms of durometer, and I’ve encountered some really firm SuperSofts in other toy lines as they try and capitalize on the trend. So check with each manufacturer.

Firmer Black is just as it sounds, a firmer version of silicone that is still somewhat forgiving and comfortable.

There are short video clips on the site to help demonstrate the tactile nature of both SuperSoft and Firmer Black in various toys.  These are found on the Slink®, Egg Plug, Worm, and Leo pages.