SquarePegToys® Q & A

Do you ever have sales?

I treat my customers the way I want to be treated and from day one have chosen not to play the “mark it up to discount it” game. I want you to feel confident in your purchase no matter what, so you can buy it when you want it and from the place you want to shop without thinking you are overpaying.

I also aspire to create a quality of life for myself and those around me that means we can come in everyday and simply focus on doing the best work we can, rather than feast and starve amidst sales cycles.

My site’s blog documents this philosophy of “Best Price Everyday” where I’ve passed on lowered prices on items when better production, higher volumes, or other cost saving measures have allowed me to do so.  I’ve also succeeded at keeping prices nearly static over the last 10 years even as costs have steadily risen.

Despite this, I still recognize the expectation of consumers today that they get something along with their purchase as I actually appreciate that myself on some level.  As such, I do give free ground shipping on orders over $177 which averages out to about a 5% discount. Some recent years during the holidays I have offered free ground on all shipments, which is a great opportunity for first time buyers and saves them about 45% off what it would be regularly for something like a small egg plug.