Shop@Home™ Program now Available

Only SquarePegToys® puts so much thought into how we can make your play as fulfilling as it can be.  A big part of that is getting you the toys that you know are the right size for you, but online images can only go so far.  Now introducing  a system with special packaging that allows you to see the toys in the comfort of your home and actually be returned if they are the wrong size, style or firmness for you. You tell us which toys you want to review and a small, non-refundable fee per item pays for the added packaging and a pre-paid return shipping label if you decide to send something back. Simply don’t open the tamper evident bag.  See the current list of toys in the program and how it all works on the main Shop@Home™ page. If there’s something you’d like to review that isn’t in the program yet, please just ask.