New Color Introduced

If there’s one thing I know, it’s that you don’t mess with a classic.

SuperSoft Bronze has become synonymous with the SquarePegToys® identity after Scott pioneered the use of a SuperSoft silicone for toys 10 years ago. At the time everyone thought he had lost my head, but he knew how good they felt and just pushed on.  Now when you see that classic coppery luster, you recognize it as a SquarePegToys® with that trademark soft yet firmness that is so ideal for butt toys.

After 10 years of bronze, it’s time to introduce another color to the SuperSoft line: Graphite.

And it’s not just another “silver”.  Scott formulated it so the metallic surface has a depth and luster one would find in the real mineral graphite, looking warm, sexy and inviting to touch.

So now you have 2 classic colors options for SuperSoft silicone:  Bronze and Graphite.

And while we’re on the topic, did you know that a good 70% of the toys in the SquarePegToys® line have been in production for over 8 years? They’re all pretty timeless and are designed with the intent of one day becoming classics in their own rights.