SquarePegToys® Q & A

How much time do I have to work with it?

Mixing the tinted and clear components begins the process that will cure, or set, Peg Away Putty®. At room temperature, Peg Away Putty® will give you a window of about 8 minutes to shape and apply the putty before it starts to set.

  • If you mix small amounts at a time, eight minutes will be ample. Take your time, and don’t rush.
  • If you have been blending colors, allow the tinted putty to cool to room temperature before mixing.
  • If you are working with very small amounts (the size of a pea or smaller) your body heat will warm the putty, cutting your working time in half.
  • If you are making multiple alterations to on one toy, complete one and give it 30 minutes to set before going on to the next. This way you can avoid damaging your previous work, and take the time to enjoy the process.