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Butt BandIT!™

Take your fisting up a notch, or two.

Another twisted idea that can only come out of the mind of a Square Peg thinking about making Round Holes happy.  There is just so much variety in wrists and holes and what they like so being able to make your own custom Butt BandIT!™ is the perfect new way to enhance your fisting play. Peg Away Putty’s® unique characteristics lend perfectly for this type of use. Once you’ve crafted your personalized BandIT!™  it’s super stretchy to go on easy, and has just the right amount of spring to grab onto your arm without being constricting.

Your kit comes with larger pipe forms: 1 3/4″ & 2″ to fit most wrist sizes.  Have exceptionally large wrists? Just measure your wrist all the way around with a string, take off 1 inch and that is the size pipe you will need to make your own custom Butt BandIT!™.   The width and thickness will change how much it gives and grips, so it’s advised to not go thicker than 3mm (1/8″) to start. The thicker it is the less give you will have.  If you want to make a thicker bumped BandIT!™ just use some PVC pipe that’s even closer to your own wrist size.

Pro Tips:
The Butt BandIT!s™ in the image average about 1 1/2 to 2 fl oz of putty each. Use just the colored side of the putty to take your time to design your own texture. Once you’re satisfied with your design, add the clear side in equal parts to activate the putty and begin the curing process. Putty work time is 8 minutes and cures in 2 hours. See the video online for the best way to mix larger amounts of putty.

And it goes without saying, if you experience numbing, tingling, discoloration, swelling or anything that looks like it’s cutting off circulation, stop using it immediately.  Make another BandIT!™ that is either not as thick, or is bigger around in circumference.

Conforms to FDA Food-grade Standards.

Cleaning and Storage: Wash with a good detergent as you would your silicone toys and store dry without anything crushing them. PegAwayPutty® has been designed and tested to be used only on or with silicone toys.


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More Details

Peg Away Putty™ is 100% Platinum grade silicone, made in the US.

  • Categories: Peg Away Putty®
  • Contents: 4 fl oz SuperStretch PegAwayPutty®
    1 3/4″ ID pipe section
    2″ ID pipe section
Available Colors
  • Copper
  • Graphite
Available Sizes (fluid oz)
4 oz

Please Note
  • By using this putty, you acknowledge awareness of, and assume the risks involved with, not getting a proper bond to adhere, and, your responsibility to create a shape or device that does not present a safety risk to you or others. Always check your work before each play session by giving your modifications a good tug. You also agree to assume full responsibility for the safety and effectiveness of the toys you create. SquarePegToys® will not be liable for injury caused by your own design work or lack of obtaining a proper bond.
  • Images of completed work are only examples of what can be done with the Peg Away Putty™ kits, and are not a guarantee of what you will obtain. They are intended to demonstrate the amount Peg Away Putty™ you might need in order to achieve your own personal design.
  • If you are unsure whether or not Peg Away Putty™ will adhere to a toy, test first with a small amount on the base of the toy. As formulas can change over time, assurances cannot be made when it comes to the reliability of Peg Away Putty™ adhering to product lines other than SquarePegToys®.