Hi folks, just wanted to write and say how much I love the SquarePeg toys I bought. I picked one up (model H) on Friday, and I really enjoyed it. I wore it to work today, and, by my lunch break, I couldn’t stand it any more and I had to have another one! I chose model P and tried it out (after boiling/rubbing with alcohol, of course). Love it! I can’t wear it for as long as model H yet, but I like the more intense feeling.

Honestly, these are seriously making me consider throwing out my metal toys. I always worry that one of those is going to get jostled the wrong way while I’m using it, and I’m going to damage myself. I love how SquarePeg toys conform to my body, and that they have enough “give” for me to push my size limit a little bit without tearing my skin. May 5, 2014