WOW!!! I have never owned a silicon toy before and what a difference the egg-plug has made in my life! When I bought my XXXL egg-plug, I wasn’t so sure about how a soft toy would really work out. I thought I needed more rigidity in order to be able to insert. Totally the opposite. The soft bronze silicon toy gently slid in and felt right at home immediately. I had a good, satisfying, full feeling without any pain. Truly, this toy and I conformed to each other right away… As I played, I didn’t have that irritated feeling. I was not constantly reaching for lube. This toy is so comfortable, and so effective at opening me up, that the more I play, the less lube I need. I can go for hours with this plug just sitting comfortably inside me, “punching” it in and out, holding it at it’s widest girth for max stretch and the longer its inside, the better it feels. Just AMAZING! Thank you making this wonderful toy. I very much look forward to my next purchase! All the best!   Dec 14, 2015