The Dino remains one of the best made, highest quality toys I’ve ever owned. Likewise, it is also one of my all time favorites and is a toy I continue to use frequently despite having since added many other subsequent toys to my collection. While many lesser, cheaper plugs have come and gone, the quality craftsmanship and unique attention to detail in this design keep the Dino close to my heart and ass!

When I first received the Dino, I didn’t think I’d ever work up to taking it all the way to the base. In fact, it took me several years to do so. Although I can now take the Dino Plug fairly easily, it still provides an ideal amount of stretch and stimulation in all the right places. Regardless of whether I ride it with the head to the front, back, or even to a side, this toy always provides a wonderful, full feeling and is ideal for grinding on or inserting and just sitting on for a while. It’s truly a great product and one I’m glad to have in my collection. Enjoy! June 27, 2014