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Why looking for “Skin Safe” silicone is a non-starter

Now that the muddling of the terms Platinum Grade and Medical Grade silicone has been discussed (see previous blog post) the newest promotional hook by some has been to label products as being made with a certified “skin-safe” silicone. On the surface this is misleading in that virtually all cured platinum grade silicones are already inherently “skin-safe”. Furthermore, this certification only refers to the silicone in its uncured, raw state so that it might be used directly on the skin for life casting purposes, something a toy user will never need to consider. But even if the skin-safe designation were relevant to toy choice, once pigments or release agents that aren’t “skin-safe” are added to the silicone during production, the designation is automatically invalidated unless those ingredients are certified “skin-safe” as well, which they won’t be by their very nature.

I’m trying to think of a comparison here to make it more relatable… I guess it could be something like advertising your brand of french fries were only made with “cholesterol free potatoes low in sodium” (which they already are by nature) to make them sound healthy, but then before serving them frying them in duck fat and adding salt.

It might not be a perfect analogy, but hopefully it works enough to make the point.


These pages are a continuing work in progress and offer different points of view regarding the many issues surrounding the use of butt toys and butt play in general. Many of you have been asking over the years for advice and asking about resource material. The information within these pages is a response to that. This is only intended to inform and should not ever be considered instructions for what you should do specifically. I am not a medical professional, but I do have over 30 years of healthy ass play experience.  Only you know where you are on your journey and what you are capable of. Your physiology is unique to you, you just have to find out what pushes your buttons in a safe and fun manner.


All of the information contained on these pages will be greatly benefited by how well you are in tune with your body and how well you are able to put your mind at ease and focus on your play. To speak from a personal perspective, I have always felt that large dildo play and fisting was a lot like a meditative experience, noticing that my best play sessions came when I was most in tune with my Self ( and partner if fisting ) and able to focus clearly. Anything that could cloud my mind ( most drugs ) or disrupt my body’s own rhythm ( quick fix remedies ) more often than not got in the way of a good time.

Extreme Sport

You should regard playing with large dildos and fisting as an Extreme Sport and as such, being well informed and following certain guidelines will help to minimize the risks. Having the right equipment at hand is also important, as is working within a certain set of guidelines to help ensure safety. As with any extreme sport, risk of personal injury always exists, but by taking the necessary precautions we can hope to minimize the risk to an acceptable level. Accidents can and do happen. Not pushing your body beyond what it is capable of at that moment, or, your timely reaction to injury were it to occur could greatly minimize your level of risk and even save your life someday.


I have not intentionally published copyrighted information, providing links to its home on the web instead wherever possible, but if I have inadvertently done so, please let me know. Some of what is presented here was found in the correspondence of list groups and much of what is found here is a collection of information I have heard shared between friends and play buddies peppered with my own personal experiences. All of what is here is presented in the spirit of community, sharing and the well being of us all. Do not view this a prescription for, nor a guarantee of, injury free play. In the case of direct contributions I have left out names for reasons of protecting anonymity.

Width Play

Just as in depth play, it is equally important to not over exert yourself when working on stretch play. You would likely be surprised to know how much the asshole is capable of expanding when totally relaxed. The truth is that a lot of what you are fighting against when opening up is stress stored up in that inner sphincter, or otherwise the apprehension for injury.

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Depth Play

I would consider anything that goes beyond the area of the rectum (past the pubo-rectalis) to be depth and requires certain attentions to safety and cleanliness. It is hard for a lot of people to play deep and not have totally pleasurable feelings at first. Remember that the

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One of the best books out there for describing the physiology of the anus, rectum and lower intestines is the book “Anal Pleasure and Your Health” by Jack Morin, PhD.  Knowing just what is up there and then going in yourself with fingers to see just how everything is placed is essential to playing with the least amount of risk for injury. It has been an invaluable resource for me in the discovery of my own hole and understanding others’.

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Cleaning Out

The Why

Techniques for cleaning out are as wide and varied as people themselves. You may even find that over time as your play evolves, your method will evolve, so it’s good to always keep an open mind. From a safety standpoint cleaning out is important to getting ready

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