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Plug for a fuller feeling without the stretch

Unique flexible plugs to let you get it in and out easily, but that expands inside to give one the sense of being more filled in the sense of volume, but not weight as these are light toys. Pinch the Pod to bring the tips together and it forms an egg shape for easy insertion. Upon retraction the pods collapse readily. SquarePeg’s own Charlie Horse flange gently stimulates the perineum.

New for 2013, 2 larger sizes have been added as well as a slight redesign of the Small and Medium to give it more “spring” to give it more staying power.

  • Specialties: Plug, Prostate
  • Level: Beginner, Moderate
  • Available in: Firm Black
  • Small: Height 3 1/2″ • Circ 5 1/2″ • Neck 4″ • Tip Spread 3 1/2″
  • Medium: Height 4″ • Circ 6 1/2″ • Neck 4 1/2″ • Tip Spread 4″
  • Large: Height 4 1/2″ • Circ 7 1/4″ • Neck 5 1/2″ • Tip Spread 4″
  • Extra Large: Height 4 3/4″ • Circ 8″ • Neck 6″ • Tip Spread 5″

$39.00 — $79.00

Dec 18, 2014

By this time every year things calm way down here at the studio and it’s always a perfect opportunity for me to take some time and celebrate the season along with you all. An artist by nature, I’ve never been good at the last minute frenzy that I know the retailers excel at, so it’s good for me to bow out. There’s lots of inventory out there, if you’re looking for that perfect last minute stuffer, please visit my retailers page for a full list of where to find SquarePeg.  I’ll open the site back up after Christmas, and the best of Holidays to you and yours.  –Scott

Please Note

These toys are hand-made and every effort has been made to give accurate measurements. Due to this and the flexible nature of silicone your measurements may vary slightly from my own.

Model descriptions solely reflect my own experience and are not to be interpreted as instructions for use. Only you can know what your level of expertise and capacity for play are. Always play safely and within your own limits.

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I’ve wasted a lot of money over the years on toys that didn’t last. Finally, I’ve found quality that’s worth investing in. When I buy a toy from you, I know I’m going to be enjoying it for years. Thanks!

T. Turner, Phoenix AZ

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