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Happy puppyTail

Most pups have told me this is the best tail they've ever owned

What you see here is the now the fourth generation of Puppy Tail and what amounts to the most researched toy in the SquarePeg line. My commitment to deliver the best toy possible with no gimmicks is really evident in the PuppyTail. Designed from scratch with the end user in mind, most pups have told me this is the best tail they’ve ever owned. Beware of knock-offs! If it’s not from one of my select retailers it’s not an authentic.

New for 2013 is a slight redesign in the plug based on much feedback from the pup community. The plug now has a slight ridge very similar to the plugs of several years back to aid in it staying in better. A bit of flair has been added to the tip of the tail as well, adding to it’s bounce and giving it a distinct look.

So what’s the big deal with these tails? Silicone’s one piece, cold cast process allows precision molding that reliably duplicates all the different design elements that make this tail really work as it should. Hot melt rubbers and vinyls can’t and don’t. And for the safety of long term wear, only silicone is free of any plasticizers or other chemicals. Silicone naturally provides the right amount of bounce and weight to make the most realistic wag, other rubbers are too stiff and brittle.

Design considerations

Seamless construction so it doesn’t cut or irritate your hole, super comfortable egg shape, narrow “anvil” tip for comfort and to allow you to wag your tail without moving by simply squeezing your hole, perfectly proportioned tail for maximum bounce and responsiveness.

  • Specialties: Puppy Toys, Tails
  • Available in: Firm Black
  • Extra Small: Plug Circ 4″ • Tail 8″
  • Small: Plug Circ 5″ • Tail 9″
  • Medium: Plug Circ 5 3/4″ • Tail 10″
  • Large: Plug Circ 6 1/2″ • Tail 12″
  • Extra Large: Plug Circ 8″ • Tail 12″

$69.00 — $119.00

Please Note

These toys are hand-made and every effort has been made to give accurate measurements. Due to this and the flexible nature of silicone your measurements may vary slightly from my own.

Model descriptions solely reflect my own experience and are not to be interpreted as instructions for use. Only you can know what your level of expertise and capacity for play are. Always play safely and within your own limits.

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I’ve wasted a lot of money over the years on toys that didn’t last. Finally, I’ve found quality that’s worth investing in. When I buy a toy from you, I know I’m going to be enjoying it for years. Thanks!

T. Turner, Phoenix AZ

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